ANIMAL Life in the ARCTIC - Most of us will never visit the Arctic Circle — and the year round residents of these northernmost and southern regions are perfectly happy with that. We're not talking about Eskimos; we're talking about the animals that call the Arctic home. Though the subzero temperatures and rugged, cold, forests may seem bleak and unforgiving, many species thrive in the frigid tundra of the Arctic Circle.

Some of these animals you will have seen before, like the polar bear or the snowy owl, seal, snow leopards, penguins, walrus, puffins, deer, and husky dogs while others are more exotic, like the "albino white deer" and cuddly snow hares. HANSA invites you to EXPLORE these areas and learn about the unique, animals who call this area HOME!

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Siberian Tiger Cub
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Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopard
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Snow Leopard Cub
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Snow Leopard Jacquard
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Snow Leopard Jacquard Laying
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Snow Leopard Keychain
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Snow Leopard Laying
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The snow leopard is found in northern India in the states bordering the Himalayas and in the Central Asian mountains. Their diet consists of wild sheep, goats, deer, and some other small mammals. Snow leopards have extremely powerful legs that allow them to jump as far as 50 ft. Each litter consists of 1-5 cubs.
Snow Leopard Life Size
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Snow leopard standin
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The walrus is very slow on land but, very fast and strong in the water. However, they are unable to dive very deep or stay underwater for long periods of time. Males weight about 3,700 lbs and females about 2,750 lbs. They eat bivalve mollusks, clams and mussels. Their coloration varies from yellowish, reddish, pink or brown. Their muzzle is covered with stiff long bristles.
White Arctic Fox
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The arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox or snow fox, is a small fox native to Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is common throughout the Arctic tundra biome. The arctic fox lives in some of the most frigid extremes on the planet. Among its adaptations for cold survival are its deep, thick fur,[6] a system of countercurrent heat exchange in the circulation of paws to reta...
White Bunny Sitting
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White Hare
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Hares and jackrabbits are very fast-moving. They live solitarily or in pairs, while a "drove" is the collective noun for a group of hares. Their bodies are capable of absorbing the g-force produced while running at extreme speeds or while escaping predators.
White Reindeer Baby
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