ANIMAL Life in the ARCTIC - Most of us will never visit the Arctic Circle — and the year round residents of these northernmost and southern regions are perfectly happy with that. We're not talking about Eskimos; we're talking about the animals that call the Arctic home. Though the subzero temperatures and rugged, cold, forests may seem bleak and unforgiving, many species thrive in the frigid tundra of the Arctic Circle.

Some of these animals you will have seen before, like the polar bear or the snowy owl, seal, snow leopards, penguins, walrus, puffins, deer, and husky dogs while others are more exotic, like the "albino white deer" and cuddly snow hares. HANSA invites you to EXPLORE these areas and learn about the unique, animals who call this area HOME!

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White Reindeer Extra Large
SKU: 5923
The reindeer, also known as the caribou in North America, is a deer from the Arctic and Subarctic. Reindeers vary considerably in color and size. Both males and females grow antlers, though they are typically larger in males. There are a few populations where females lack antlers completely. The hooves are also flexible and can be spread out to carry the animal on soft ground or snow.
White Reindeer Large
SKU: 5924
White Seal Laying
SKU: 3767
Seals are carnivorous marine mammals with fins for feet. Seals love fish, shellfish, and other marine animals. A female gives birth to one offspring (a pup), which she alone will feed and care for. The female seal will spend half her time feeding her young on land and the other half feeding herself at sea.

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